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Frank Lyman Spring 2017

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15 Shades Of Spring

Frank Lyman’s 15 shades of spring offer a magical universe of refreshing and passionate fashions. We are talking about textures, refined designs and wild fantasy to fulfill this leisure season.

We are celebrating the come-back of sunshine yellow and lemon, our favorite happy shades. For an extra shot of vitamin C, our vibrant tangerine is the colour of the season that’s on fire! We also love hot pink, such a peppy and feminine tone! Or the delicious raspberry which is reminiscent of summer berries. Acid apple tones or tropical papaya look amazing against tanned skin. These fresh and tasty shades are so perfect for your summer wanders.

Turquoise tones are a reminder of the exotic Caribbean waters. Our new sky color will inspire you dreams of a romantic vacation. And let’s not forget Azure, a vibrant blue tone that resembles the deep Mediterranean Sea in the summer. These vibrant colors go perfectly with classic basics shades like bright white, silky cream, jet black and deep navy. Passion red is still making an impression; it’s a color that always seduce.

Spring is synonymous with newness. Dare to wear those sensual textures like lace or textured wavy jerseys. Play with sheer layers, either it is a delicate mesh or intricate shadow stripes. And have fun with brand new items, like the original “scuba” base, either it is printed or laser cut.

Ultra light woven are really popular this year. Feel the breeze with sheers and chiffons during hot days, and don’t be shy to wear these flowy printed pieces, either it is in a powerful floral or an exotic tropical.
Summer is a season to play with bold contrasts and black and white prints are perfect for that. You’ll turn heads with fun dots, crisp stripes and striking geometric prints.

This season’s new silhouettes are intriguing and refined and there’s something for everybody. Dresses are master pieces to celebrate feminity. They are sexy and form fitting, outlining the shape gracefully as well as hiding a multitude of sins with smartly placed pleats and tucks. We also have fit and flare dresses, a classic that flatters all shapes as well as sensational fringed dresses, a perfect look for dancing nights. Every woman can find THE dress for her desire and needs.
For a touch of glamour on an everyday outfit, fluidity is a key element and breezy blouses are sure to compliment your summer hottest days. These airy tops come in different lengths and have fun hems, either it is points or high and low lengths. These flowy pieces will give an air of “follow me sir” whilst floating with the breeze.

As you know we always favor comfort and ease so knits like our basic silky jersey are essentials but also fancy knits, which are perfect for novelty tops. You’ll be amazed with the new flirty details they have! We love to see some skin but in a subtle and elegant way. The focus this year is on the sensuality of the shoulder line. We love those flirty tops that are so in! We also have other pieces with strategically placed peek-a-boos, or cold shoulder looks. That is a nice and naughty way to unveil the beauty of women of all ages. For the ones that embrace the gypsy style, poncho like square shaped top in smashing prints are sure to have an incredible effect and these tops surely make anyone so elegant and effortless.
Bottoms are also fancier this year and are embracing this important spirit of fluidity, celebrated by wide legs pants and sweeping pleated skirts. For an incredible effect the trick is to balance a wide piece with a more fitted one, either the volume is on top or on bottom, whatever complementary item is tight fitting would be stretchy and comfy.

There’s a lot of choice in trim details too. Zipper trims are still prominent and we favor lacing and metal eyelets and grommets to enhance fun dresses and tops.
Frank Lyman’s 15 shades of spring is without a doubt a sensational collection!